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In August 2019 ZAFICO secured a 0.29 Ha plot located within the parameters of the Malindi Port as leased by the Ministry of Lands, Housing, Water and Energy through its Commission of Lands. The area has been identified for the development of an integrated Processing and Cold storage facility and a cold storage/processing expert was hired to oversee the architectural design of the plant. The Architectural designs have now been completed and describes the facility as being able to process up to 20 Metric Tons of fish a day when operating at full capacity. It also has the capacity to store over 1500 Metric Tons in its multi-temperature cold rooms. Once built the plant will be used to process fish sourced from ZAFICO fleet and sold locally and internationally. Furthermore, due to its large cold storage capacity the facility could attract business from the foreign fleet fishing in Tanzania EEZ as a storage facility for their fish intended for regional or intenational markets as well as for the discharge of bycatch as encouraged by Deep Sea Fishing Authority's licensing conditions.

On the seaside of the plot, a consultancy through the SWIOFish Project is ongoing concerning preparation of the architectural and engineering design, environmental and social impact assessment, social assessment and mitigation plan. The consultancy will result in the refurbishment and construction of the pier/wharf allocated to ZAFICO by the Zanzibar Port Corporation.

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