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About Us


The Zanzibar Fisheries Company (ZAFICO) LTD was established by the Government of Zanzibar and became operational in October 2017. It is comprised of a Board of Directors and headed by a Managing Director. ZAFICO aims to transform the fisheries sector within Zanzibar, attain profit and offer food security for the country and Tanzania as a whole. The fisheries industry in Zanzibar is currently dominated by artisanal fisheries taking place in near shore seas. it is largely non-commercial and is characterized by low product quality and high postharvest losses as a result of a poor or failure of practicing good handling and processing procedures (both onboard and at the land based fish handling facilities). With ZAFICO aiming to reverse the existing situation and engage in commercial fisheries that would in the first instance require heavy investment in acquiring the raw material (i.e. the fish) including the purchase of commercial fishing boats, it is imperative that its land based facilities are capable of receiving, handling, processing and storing the products at market quality.


Apply the highest possible standards along the different parts of the fisheries value chain in terms of sustainabilty of the resources as well as the quality of the products.


To be the leading fisheries company in Zanzibar, offering innovations and high quality products.


To conduct viable commercial fisheries in order to create sustainable economic and social benefits, employment as we aim to earn foreign currency from export

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