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About Us

Board Members

Zanzibar Fisheries Company Limited (ZAFICO) is composed of the Board of Directors as follows:-

     a. A Chairperson (Presidential appointee).

     b. Managing Director of ZAFICO.

     c. Board Secretary (must have legal background).

     d. Six (6) other members among the share holders as follows:-

          i) Two (2) representatives from Zanzibar Social Security Fund (ZSSF).

          ii) One (1) representative from Zanzibar Insurance Company (ZIC).

          iii) One (1) representative from Zanzibar State Trade Cooperation (ZSTC).

          iv) One (1) representative from Zanzibar Port Corporation (ZPC).

          v) One (1) representative from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

The members are highly qualified and experience in business, investment, fisheries and other related fields capable for efficiency of the company. Among other functions, the Board supervises the general management and administration of the company and ensures that the company is run in a professional and profitable way.

Board Committees

ZAFICO Board of Directors has two (2) committees each of which is composed of equal numbers of members. The members are selected by Chairperson of the Board of Directors based on knowledge and experience of the individual members. The committees are:-

     i. Audit and Finance committee.

     ii. Administration and Investment committee.

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